We're Here for the KIDS.

We are currently undergoing some changes in officers and new Pictures will be put up soon please be patient with us. 

Current Members

Servants Motorcycle Club

The Servants would like to thank our Past President, Vice President, and Secretary for Six years of hard work and dedication which made this club what it is today. Thank you Kevin " Papi" LaBuhn, David "Whitey" Carter, and Dian "Ice" LaBuhn from the bottom of our hearts. We will continue to grow and persevere for the Kids.

  1. ​The club was instituted primarily to raise money for children with serious childhood diseases (Primarily Cancer) and to promote awareness of these diseases. 

  2. The goal of this club is to generate funds to fight childhood disease while increasing a level of enthusiasm for riding motorcycles.

  3. Club events are intended to raise awareness of suffering children and promote good clean family fun.

Our Current Members : President - Roger "Frosty" Frausto, Vice President - Chuck "Mad Dog" Matlock, Treasurer - Tommy "Woody" Robinson, Secretary - Melinda "Thunder" Hernandez, Road Captain - Juan "Smokey" Del Real, Members - Vicki "Quila" Frausto, Maria "Bandit" Del Real.

In Memory of

Sandra Lynn "Pit Stop" Carter

December7,1952 - 

June 8, 2017

Sandra was a member of the Servants from day one. One of the original TEN, she was instrumental in the formation of the Servants.

A beloved Sister to all of us and Wife of our Vice President David "Whitey" Carter, She will be forever missed.

Contact us at Servantsmc@yahoo.com