Current Membership

We are a 501c3 tax exempt Charitable Club.

All profits go to the children.

We're Here for the KIDS.

Support & Pray for our Troops & First Responders

2021 Servants Toy Run

Current Officers

  1. ‚ÄčThe club was instituted primarily to raise money for children with serious childhood diseases (Primarily Cancer) and to promote awareness of these diseases. 

  2. The goal of this club is to generate funds to fight childhood disease while increasing a level of enthusiasm for riding motorcycles.

  3. Club events are intended to raise awareness of suffering children and promote good clean family fun.

Current Members

Our Current Members : President - Roger "Frosty" Frausto, Vice President Vicki "Quila" Frausto , Treasurer - Tommy "Woody" Robinson, Secretary - Melinda "Thunder" Hernandez, Road Captain - Juan "Smokey" Del Real, Master at Arms - Roy "El General" Zapata, Road Guard - Pete "Salty aka Pendejo" Hernandez Members - , Maria "Bandit" Del Real, Robert "Road Warrior" Barrera, Yvette "Scorpion" Barrera, Irene "Genesis" Zapata,  Rosa "Rose" Hernandez, Ronnie "Rana" Rodriguez, Emma "Shorty" Rodriguez, Tim "Solo" Arnold, John "Redneck". Toni "Hillbilly", Dora "Faith", jaime "Big Guy", Mark, Kathy.

Servants Motorcycle Club